BFFT has expanded its portfolio to include cable assembly

BFFT has a reputation that has always been characterized as having flexibility and reliability in order processing. In order to continue to respond to customer demands, we are expanding our service portfolio. Consequently, the department is expanding the current range of tasks for the test rigs starting in August with a focus in the area of cable assembly and manufacturing.

During the course of a separate workshop with staff, a separate BFFT set was decorated and furnished with a modern crimping press. This line can be produced in mass quantity while retaining a high level of quality. As a result, our customers wishes can be met and at the same time be offered a all-in-one solution as we move forward.

The following services are available:
• Construction of wire harnesses, cable assemblies and adapters
• Cable stripping and cutting
• Contact end sleeves, flat plugs, crimp contacts
• Soldering
• Cable Test