BFFT has expanded its portfolio to include cable assembly

BFFT has a reputation that has always been characterized as having flexibility and reliability in order processing. In order to continue to respond to customer demands, we are expanding our service portfolio. ... weiterlesen


BFFT develops own battery cell simulator

Energy budgeting with electric vehicles proves to be especially crucial. The efficiency, dependability, and safety of the lithium-ion batteries depend greatly upon their electronic control or Battery Management System (BMS). The task ... weiterlesen


BFFT international: First employee in the USA

Not only is BFFT continuing its growth in Germany with opening of new sites in Regensburg and Wolfsburg but in May the new subsidiary BFFT of America was also opened in Belmont, ... weiterlesen


Is it really in the right spot?

Their advantage, compared to the internal combustion engines used currently in city busses, is obvious: no exhaust. The disadvantage of electric busses is, however, their limited range per battery charge. One way of ... weiterlesen