BFFToA Comes First: News from BFFT of America

It is not only in Germany that spectacular events are organized for employees every year, at BFFT. BFFT of America (BFFToA) organized two events at the end of 2016, providing their employees with a little “fun with work”.
Among other themes, “American lifestyle meets Bavarian warmth” was celebrated during one of the events, in October. At the 4th October Festival (Oktoberfest) of the German-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco, American colleagues of BFFToA partied together with their German-speaking colleagues. The aim of the event was to promote understanding between the two cultures, by getting to know one another.
At 5pm, the BFFToA team from Belmont travelled to San Francisco, to the Fort Mason Center. There, the Bavarian festival was already in full swing: The bands “Blow Musik” and “Bavarian Maiden” (the drummer of the band stayed with the BFFToA colleagues in the castle) created a festive mood with various hits,from Zillertal Wedding Marches and Bavarian Polka, to Hard Rock. The caterer, Ludwig’s German Table, offered a wide range of mouth-watering Bavarian delicacies (including bratwurst, sauerkraut, potato salad and pretzels) which greatly impressed the guests, and not only the German colleagues!
At the end of the year, BFFT of America’s management also invited everyone to a joint Christmas party. The holiday party was held in the cult start-up diner “Bucks Restaurant”, in Silicon Valley. Among other start-ups, PayPal and Tesla were founded here. The BFFToA colleagues were treated to a festive dinner and drinks. As a special treat, each employee also received a token Christmas gift from the BFFT fan shop.