We are bridging the gap between innovative Silicon Valley ideas and traditional automotive development processes. With over 18 years of specialized Germany automotive industry experience and knowledge of the best practices among OEMs and suppliers, we are uniquely positioned to develop perfect solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our hands-on services, we are taking the load off of our customers, freeing up time and resources necessary to work on tomorrow’s innovations.

Our main technological fields are driver assistance systems, as advanced as self-driving cars, modern infotainment systems, their HMI, connected and telematics services. However, our methods and skills can be applied to all other technological fields. Countless other industries and automotive fields, such as aviation, air conditioning, and battery management systems can make use of our distinct expertise in developing electronics. Intensive testing labs and thousands of hours on the road guarantee the highest quality products for our customers.

We are enabled and supported by our long term experience in integrating any kind of automotive innovation into test systems for either labs or test vehicles enhanced with processes and tools established in decades of automotive industry development. Our diverse capabilities, ranging from the simple integration of individual modules, up to complete cutting-edge-systems like self-driving car retrofits,…

We can provide full services from integration to testing. E.g. Retrofit your newest infotainment system or self-driving algorithm into a test vehicle before we create your test plans and test as long as necessary to create a product of the highest quality.