Unsolicited application

You haven’t found the position you were looking for in our career portal?

In the case that there is no suitable position available at the present time that matches your profile, your potential or your expectations, we then look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.

Our Recruiting Team is always on the lookout for committed and motivated staff members and will, together with the operating departments, match your qualifications with the positions available at the various BFFT locations in a targeted way.

What must you keep in mind in the case of an unsolicited application?

  • The more convincing your application is, the greater is the chance that we will be able to offer you that best suited job that you have been looking for. It is for that reason that the following elements and information should not be omitted:
  • A personal covering letter which emphasises your interest for particular subjects and/or special fields.
  • The mode of employment that you are looking for (trainee, student trainee, practical work for diploma thesis, skilled employee or graduate).
  • Your preferences regarding your place of work.
  • The possible date on which you can join work and an indication of the notice period that must be given, if possible.
  • A resume in tabular form listing your educational qualifications and work experience (including a detailed itemisation of the scope of your duties and projects, if possible) as well as your additional qualifications and trainings attended.
  • Copies of all the relevant certificates (school, vocational training, college/university, work experience, internships).