Our History

BFFT was found 1998 in Gaimersheim, Germany, as a two-man business by Georg Behr and Markus Fichtner. BFFT stands for Behr Fichtner Fahrzeugtechnik (= Behr Fichtner Automotive Engineering). Right from the start BFFT’s focus was in automotive electronics with projects in the field of test rigs and automotive engineering for AUDI AG Germany. After just a few years BFFT received the status of a “Strategic Development Partner of AUDI AG”.

From then on the company has successfully expanded its business into other fields: driver assistance systems, digitalization, and energy storage systems, to name a few. Throughout BFFT’s expansion we have always provided our engineering services in close proximity to our customers. This value was supported by Frank Fichtner as BFFT technical Director and attorney until August 2016, and as an advisor today.

In early 2013, the ATON GmbH acquired 100 percent of the BFFT shares in order to provide us with strategic and finical support. As an electronic development specialist, BFFT, under the umbrella of EDAG, expanded the engineering line of the family-owned holding company. BFFT remained and operatively independent company and at the same time, the BFFT management was reinforced by Michael Mittag.

Our History in milestones:

1998: Company founded in Germany

2001: Became strategic development partner of AUDI AG Germany

2005: Construction ot the first BFFT cooperate building in Gaimersheim, Germany

2009: Opening of the BFFT branch in Berlin, Germany

2012: Opening of the new BFFT Headquarter in Gaimersheim, Germany

2013: Integration into the ATON Group

03/2013: Opening of the BFFT branch office in Regensburg, Germany

08/2013: Opening of the BFFT branch BFFT of America Inc. in Belmont, California

2015: Opening of the BFFT branch BFFT Italia Srl in Bologna/ Sant’ Agata Bolognese, Italys